Arm Yourself for Battle and Earn Rewards with NFT Weapon Release

Hey MedaHeroes! Today, we are excited to be the bearers of a pretty exciting update. As you might have guessed from the title — Cryptomeda weapons are ready to buy and use!

Weapons In Meda Shooter

In this article, we wanted to take this time to celebrate our NFT weapon (smart contract) implementation in Meda Shooter. Weapons become crucial to gameplay since your character holding the weapon will be much more powerful and thus you can climb higher on the leaderboard.

With the NFT weapon update, players will be able to take advantage of the play-to-earn model in April. Mark your calendars and ready yourselves, and be ready to make history as a part of the beginnings of Cryptomeda!

We’re starting off with ranged weapons as the first implementation to get you running. This is a great chance to take a run through how they function within the Meda games. Melee weapons will be implemented at a later date. In this way, we give you the opportunity to check out one type of weapon before the release of the next type.

NFT Weapon Features

Cryptomeda weapons will have these features:

  • cross-game usage
  • crafting
  • upgrading
  • melting (burning)

Cross-game utility

We are preparing for a monumental moment in cross-game playability, enabling NFT weapons to be used in Meda Shooter and play with the same weapon in other games, as well. Therefore, players will not need to worry about which Cryptomeda game a weapon can be used in since each of these weapons can be used in all of them.

Besides usage in Cryptomeda games, we are preparing cross-game partnerships where Cryptomeda NFTs will be utilized so you don’t need to wait until the Meda Wars launch.

A Time for Crafting

Players will be able to get weapons by buying on the marketplace or crafting by collecting resources in Meda Wars. By crafting, upgrading, and selling NFT weapons, players will gain a new opportunity to earn income. Only the best players will be able to craft extremely rare Tier 4 weapons to earn the highest rewards. Tier 4 weapons also come in limited quantities, following logic similar to the revolution card, giving users an incentive to be one of the few holders of these rare NFTs.

Upgradable Weapon attributes

When employed, your weapons also hold several other original characteristics, including three randomly generated (upgradable) attributes between 0–100, each available through API and synchronization with the blockchain. Therefore, weapons are guaranteed to be unique with proof held on the distributed ledger for the world to see. Upgrade the weapon in one game (if the game allows upgrading) to have stronger attributes in another game.

Melt Your Weapon

In Meda Wars, players can melt the weapon to get higher-tier parts to craft a higher-tier weapon. Alternatively, when the time comes, users can at any time sell their weapons on the open market for a profit. The melting feature can be used in other games as well.

In gameplay, users will come across TWO types of weapons:

  • Melee weapons
  • Ranged weapons

However, these two categories will also fall under a number of subtypes like a sword, blade, mace, or hammer, and categories like Assault’s Sword, Conqueror’s Sword, Wanderer’s Rifle, and Assassin’s Rifle, to name a few.

For reference, we have outlined these categories below:

Enhance the Power of Characters

However, the power of these weapons extends far beyond the assets themselves. Instead, these weapons are said to enhance a character’s power in all Cryptomeda games.

Consider that players can increase their damage, critical chance, and fire rate with the use of an NFT weapon in Meda Shooter. Weapon attributes increase different stats in different games. The result is an exponential enhancement to in-gamer power.

In the case of Meda Wars, two NFT weapons (one melee and one ranged) need to be used to get access to the play-to-earn reward system. While earning, the chances increase of each player beating PvE dungeons, occupying more territories, or getting more rewards from quests, leaderboards, and PvP tournaments.

Begin the Battle for Rewards

MedaHeroes, now it’s your turn! Hold your banner high, craft the weapon of your dreams, cast your eye on a territory to conquer, and prepare for war. Play-to-earn is nearly upon us and it’s time to take up arms and start earning. Meda Shooter, NFTs, weapons, heroes, and more, are all ultimately leading to the release of Meda Wars, and now is the time to take a stand and prepare! Don’t wait when you already have the opportunity to establish yourself. Take the first giant step with Meda Shooter. Battle-ready, we know that weapons in hand, it will only be a matter of time before you have taken over your first territory and earned some rewards to call your own!

We can’t wait for you to experience the Meda Shooter and weapons implementation with the first round of weapon releases — ranged weapons. Look to acquire a number of different types of ranged weapons with their own, unique style. Be the first to own an integral part of the Meda Shooter and Meda Wars experience with this week’s sale!

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