Cryptomeda Announces Artist and Writer Quest!

Summoning all Artists and Writers, Cryptomeda Limited Edition In-Game Characters & $TECH Tokens to be won

With the rapid growth in science, fewer Meda Heroes have traveled the way of an artist, a dying trait. A lackluster world, where art is rarely sought after. A rare quest has been put up calling for the assistance of painters, conjurers, minstrels, and artists of the like.

Cryptomeda Storyline

Humanity is forced to find a new planet to call home as climate change transforms the earth into a toxic wasteland, soon to be completely uninhabitable to mankind. After numerous sacrifices, humanity was guided by a strange force to a new universe called Cryptomeda, a new hope for all mankind.

Humanity discovers Cryptomeda’s natives in a mist of civil war and assisted them in achieving peace, who were then taught about the existence of Techodron, an invisible network energy worshiped by the Cryptomeda ancients. With the help of the Farmers, a race of highly intellectual workers, Humans harvested Techodron and transformed it into TECH, a currency with unlimited possibilities. It is the most valuable commodity in the universe and represents the system and order within cities. TECH is a source of income, even fuel for weaponry, and if in the wrong hands, will bring great destruction to the universe.

The Artist Quest

In our Artist Quest, we call for your creativity and originality to design an animated character for Cryptomeda. You are free to let your imagination run wild and design a character that you want to see manifest within Cryptomeda’s gameplay.

Artist Quest guidelines

  1. Submit either a sketch, illustration, or animation of your design
  2. A brief overview/core idea/short story of your submission, approximately 400 characters.
  3. Your character may be inspired by interesting event(s) that happened within the cryptospace.

Example of a short write-up with Cryptomeda’s NFT “Commander”.

Bitcoin in the form of a superhero — Captain Bitcoin, as he is the leader from multiple viewpoints (an excellent market cap, pioneer in cryptocurrencies, influences the whole crypto market). The shield represents his security (never been hacked), the 2 stripes is a symbol for the second layer (lightning network). Bitcoins network: old-fashion, strong, but slow against other superheroes, body upgrades (network upgrades).

Artist Quest rewards

  • 1st : 20,000 $TECH
  • 2nd : 18,000 $TECH
  • 3rd : 15,000 $TECH
  • 4th : 12,000 $TECH
  • 5th : 10,000 $TECH
  • 6th — 10th : 8,000 $TECH
  • 1 Limited Edition Cryptomeda’s Yield Farmer to each of the top 10 winners

How to participate

The Writer Quest

You have an amazing idea and writing is more of your forte? Well, you can take part in our writer’s quest and tell us about it. Similar to our Artist Quest, we want to hear your take on what you believe Cryptomeda’s storyline should be as we advance.

Writer Quest guidelines

  1. Write a text/fantasy story about any real memorable crypto idea, event, or character while retaining Cryptomeda’s core storyline.
  2. Creative and original
  3. A minimum of 3000 characters
  4. A character or event may be used more than once, however, the storyline must be different.
  5. Refer to Cryptomeda core storyline for reference
  6. Your character/event should be inspired by interesting event(s) that happened within the cryptospace.

Writer Quest rewards

  • 1st : 15,000 $TECH
  • 2nd : 12,000 $TECH
  • 3rd : 10,000 $TECH
  • 4th : 8,000 $TECH
  • 5th : 6,000 $TECH
  • 6th — 10th : 5,000 $TECH
  • 1 Limited Edition Cryptomeda’s Yield Farmer to each of the top 5 winners

How to participate

Most importantly, Be wildly creative and have fun.

Artist & Writer Quest Rules

  • Plagiarism entries will be disqualified
  • In the event where submission is similar, the earliest submission will be considered.
  • Any discrepancies will be reviewed by and resolved on Cryptomeda’s sole discretion
  • The design style and logic must be similar to ours: character(s) from the memorable crypto events placed inside the fantasy theme (zombie chad, crypto queen, farmer, etc.).

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a complete in-game ecosystem based on Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), complete with in-game marketplace, NFT collectibles, exciting gameplay, staking, and much more. Cryptomeda aims to make the crypto world fun and easy for all levels of experience and is an entertainment platform that will provide users with a number of opportunities to earn NFT Collectibles, and trade them on the platform. The platform is backed by the native currency of Cryptomeda — TECH Tokens, which would enable all trade and commerce within the platform.

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