Cryptomeda Announces Darwinia’s Protocol Integration

Cryptomeda integrates Darwinia’s protocol to extend interoperability and cross-chain capabilities with other platforms

Cryptomeda is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Darwinia Network. Cryptomeda will coordinate efforts to utilize Darwinia’s cross-chain protocol to explore solutions for cross-chain interactions. Further to this, Cryptomeda and Darwinia aim to introduce public chain assets such as Ethereum and Polygon into the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Cryptomeda embraces the opportunity to integrate its platform across multiple chains via Polkadot’s heterogeneous multi-chain architecture and insists on expanding the value of on-chain traffic to continually push for the accuracy of blockchain information. This integration is an example of how the Darwinia bridges can provide transparent, efficient, and stable communication services across networks, and increase traffic across Polkadot, Kusama, BSC, Hexo, Crab, and other chains.

To help manage cross-chain assets, Darwinia provides a secure universal bridging solution based on the Substrate network. Cryptomeda has already started the development of the NFT gaming platform. The NFT marketplace and the staking platform will be launched very soon on Polygon. The intention is to increase the potential of the NFT sector by combining Darwinia’s decentralized bridging network and Cryptomeda’s NFT ecosystem to expand services into multiple parts of the crypto landscape.

About Darwinia Network

Darwinia Network is a decentralized cross-chain bridge network built on Substrate; the “Golden Gate Bridge” of cross-chain ecosystems. They provide the safest general bridge solution, enabling transparent interoperability between Polkadot, Ethereum, BSC, and other chains; and their revolutionary super-light client supports cross-chain asset and liquidity transfer exclusively by remote chain call without the need to wrap tokens. The primary applications for Darwinia bridge technology are in the realm of DeFi, cross-chain NFT marketplaces, and gaming.

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About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a gaming platform focused on an exciting and unique system of NFT, DeFi, and community cooperation placed into the fantasy world. Cryptomeda aims to make the crypto world fun and easy for all levels of experience and is an entertainment platform that will provide users with a number of opportunities to earn NFT Collectibles, and trade them on the marketplace. The platform is backed by the native currency of Cryptomeda — TECH Tokens, which would enable all trade and commerce within the platform.

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