Cryptomeda Announces Meda Heroes Skirmishes!

3 min readMay 18, 2021

With 800,000 $TECH, IDO whitelist spots & NFTs to be won in community engagement activities.

Cryptomeda has announced their community engagement programs,aka Meda Heroes Skirmishes, and rewards for these events. The Cryptomeda team is grateful to the community for the help they have been receiving from their early supporters while they dominate the tech aspect of the project, and they’re about to announce rewards for the Heroes of the upcoming sieges.

The details of each skirmish will be announced before they commence, making it fair for every Meda Hero. Now here are details of the first 2 skirmishes.

Gleam Contest

Welcome to Cryptomeda’s Gleam contest. As you might have noticed, our gleam contest is currently in play and it will last till our Initial Dex Offering (IDO). Our goal from doing this contest is to drive community engagement and encourage growth. Our gleam is simple! Follow the project on Twitter, join the telegram, join the discord and help spread the word! Every week we will be updating the gleam link, so stay tuned for announcements to increase your chances of winning!

How to participate


  • 50 whitelist IDO spots for lottery winners


  • If you win, you must pass KYC and ensure that you do not reside from our list of restricted territories. (To be published nearing IDO)

Cryptomeda Ambassador Program

As we begin to bring onboard applicants, we want to get to know you better and understand how your expertise can help Crytpomeda reach it’s true potential. Ambassadors will help Cryptomeda in ways that suit your personal skill sets such as community management, art designing, content writing, or even media creation. We are looking for ALL skill sets and to grow as a community. So don’t be intimidated!

How to participate


  • Top 5 contributors will win 20,000 TECH tokens
  • The next top 15 contributors will win 5,000 TECH tokens


  • Ambassadors are trusted members of the community and with this trust comes responsibility! We ask that you use this well.
  • Be active in the community.

More Meda skirmishes will be released in due time on Cryptomeda’s announcement channels and social outlets.

Looking forward to more victories ahead Meda Heroes.

The Future of Cryptomeda

We aim to build a fascinating and successful project that’s unique and unlike anything you have seen before in this industry. We will do everything to satisfy our community and implement a multitude of ideas as the Cryptomeda ecosystem grows and adapts. We have started this project, it’s up to our community to choose what direction we go from here.

Join our community to hear the most important updates about Cryptomeda. We are so excited to share more with you soon!



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