CryptoMeda vs The Rest: Standing out in the NFT world

For many years, the multibillion-dollar gaming industry had been completely centralized. Any data or assets found within the game remained confined to it, with ownership of these items belonging to the game’s developers. But the decentralization of gaming or, “DeGaming”, has changed all of that. Blockchain games allow players to own the items they win and purchase while playing, creating an emerging market of digital gaming assets that possess a real-world value — and this market is growing at an exponential rate.

We look forward to joining the disruptive de-gaming revolution with our IDO on August 24th! Also, on August 26th $TECH will go LIVE on UniSwap and QuickSwap.

The Risks Posed by Current NFT Platforms

Unfortunately, innovative technology or assets such as NFTs are not immune to some level of fraudulent activity. A recent hack suffered by Bondly compromised several corporate wallets sending shockwaves throughout the industry. A more common problem in today’s market is the large number of NFT platforms that permit the buying and selling of digital assets from outside sources and creators.

While on the surface this would seem like an ideal way to provide exposure for more creators, these platforms do not implement a stringent vetting process to review the thousands of NFTs transferred within their ecosystem. This allows for unauthenticated pieces to slip through the cracks resulting in buyers being defrauded.

Such scenarios do more than just hurt a single buyer. Stories like these can make their way across the metaverse very quickly, and discourage others from entering the market altogether. If our goal is to see the widespread adoption of crypto and NFTs become a reality, we must provide traders with a platform that ensures authenticity and security are never compromised.

Keeping Our Community Safe

Cryptomeda addresses this issue head-on with a team that engages with its community, creates a sociable environment, and protects the investment of its traders by never allowing outside NFTs to be brought into our ecosystem. However, our users can mint Cryptomeda NFTs on the platform and trade or sell them in the open marketplace. This is done to ensure that all digital assets on the Cryptomeda platform are 100% authentic.

While this policy certainly improves the overall user experience, it is not the only feature that puts Cryptomeda head and shoulders above other platforms on the market. After studying popular competitors such as Meme Protocol and ChainGuardians, we concluded there were still ways to improve our ecosystem and achieve total user satisfaction.

Market Upgrade 1: Two Staking Pools

Unlike other NFT platforms that offer a single staking pool and reward, Cryptomeda provides traders with two staking options and more ways to earn. The first option, Standard Staking, is very straightforward and allows users to earn more by staking more. There is no fixed amount required and TECH tokens are staked in a general staking pool.

The second option, Liquidity Staking, will require users to provide TECH and ETH which are added to the QuickSwap liquidity pool. Liquidity Staking provides a two-fold benefit as users can earn from Uniswap’s Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens and also stake their LP tokens on the Cryptomeda platform to earn more TECH.

Market Upgrade 2: More Ways to Win Rare Online Trading Cards

While other platforms limit the number of ways users can earn free NFTs, Cryptomeda takes a far different approach. Through community quests, our users can compete with one another by submitting art, stickers, or written pieces, to create new characters and storylines for the Medaverse. Submissions are voted on by the community and our cryptomeda team, with the winner receiving an exclusive NFT based on the quest they participated in.

We also provide TECH stakers with the opportunity to earn NFTs through weekly card draws. The more TECH a user stakes, the more chances they have to win. Both standard and liquidity stakers are eligible for these weekly draws..

Market Upgrade 3: Increased Social Interaction

Another way current NFT platforms fall short is the lack of social interaction among users. This is not to say that their users don’t want to interact with one another, it’s just that these platforms don’t have the mechanisms in place to promote a social environment. And it is here that we see the additional value our community quests provide.

Apart from the opportunity to win valuable digital assets, it promotes community building and encourages our members to get creative and share their ideas with other users. We like to think of our ecosystem as a social network built upon a passion for NFTs.

Market Upgrade 4: Less Limitations, More Ways to Enjoy

As the Cryptomeda ecosystem expands, so will the number of games our community can enjoy. But these games will not be mutually exclusive from one another, in fact, quite the opposite. A cross-game currency and NFTs will be implemented, which will enable players to utilize NFTs in all of our games, thereby increasing their utility and that of our TECH token. Imagine winning an NFT hero in our trading card game and instantly importing that NFT character into our mobile PVP game? We are creating a multi-media crypto universe that is interoperable and multi-platform; this is the CryptoMeda.

Welcome to the Medaverse

We want our users to feel confident in knowing that the NFTs they collect on the Cryptomeda platform are authentic and will provide them with an exceptional level of utility and value. Our community growth and development of our online games comes at a perfect time, as the need for legitimacy of NFTs in DeGaming is at an all-time high. Through this progress, we grow closer to forming collaborations with other trusted DeGaming entities to eventually allow for the compatibility of in-game assets.

We will continue to build an inclusive ecosystem for NFT fans to flourish and earn valuable rewards, with safety, community-building, and social interaction among users as our top priorities.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a gaming ecosystem that uniquely blends NFT collectibles, DeFi mechanics, and iconic crypto characters into an exciting fantasy world. Players of all experience levels can explore Cryptomeda and find various opportunities to earn; whether it is finding rare collectibles, winning prize pools, receiving ranked rewards, or acquiring an ultra-rare Revolution card, traversing the world of Cryptomeda is both fun and highly rewarding. To tie the world together, all economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency — TECH.

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