Cryptomeda’s Upcoming Changes and Promotions

3 min readMar 4, 2023


Cryptomeda, the web3 gaming platform that offers NFTs as digital assets in its games, is preparing for some exciting changes and promotions in the coming weeks. The main focus of these updates is to improve the project economy by reducing token inflation, and increase the number of NFTs in circulation.

Reducing Token Inflation through Increased Burning Rate

One of the crucial modifications to Cryptomeda’s project economy is the reduction of TECH token inflation, which will be achieved by increasing the burning rate of the token used to purchase Meda Gas, the in-game currency in Meda Wars, from 5% to 50%. The other half of the collected TECH tokens will be utilized as rewards for players through the weekly leaderboard. This adjustment aims to ensure a stable token economy while also giving players exciting rewards.

Adjusting Rewards in Staking Pools

To further reduce token inflation, Cryptomeda will be adjusting the rewarded TECH tokens in the staking pools while increasing NFT production. The weekly staking pool rewards will be reduced from 200,000 to 100,000 tokens, and from 400,000 to 200,000 in the ETH/TECH farming pool. However, participants in the staking and farming pools will produce more Cryptomeda NFTs, creating more opportunities to collect and trade unique digital assets. It’s important to note that these changes in the project economy will take effect starting March 5th.

Launching a Marketing Campaign for Cryptomeda

In addition to the modifications in the project economy, Cryptomeda is preparing to launch a marketing campaign in mid-March, along with its partners, to increase the game’s reach and attract more players. To incentivize players to take part, the campaign will offer a significant NFT airdrop and a special season of Meda Wars with highly increased rewards.

With these changes, Cryptomeda aims to create a more sustainable token economy and to provide greater value for its players. The upcoming marketing promotion will showcase the Meda Wars game, which allows players to mint, upgrade and trade unique NFTs while battling against other players.


Overall, Cryptomeda is committed to providing the best possible gaming experience for its players, while also ensuring the long-term success of its project. With these updates and promotions, Cryptomeda is poised to become a leading platform in the rapidly growing web3 gaming industry. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Cryptomeda team!

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a web3 gaming platform that offers competitive games, utilizing smart NFTs and the $TECH token powered by the Polygon network. The platform integrates advanced blockchain technology while remaining user-friendly for conventional gamers, enabling casual e-sports to be validated on the blockchain.




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