Cryptomeda’s updated roadmap for 2022

The power of Meda is with me and I am one with Meda

5 min readMay 13, 2022


Here’s all the news and updates on everything we are currently working on or preparing for. We estimated these development tasks to have some idea of when we intend to release everything mentioned below, but take it with a grain of salt. We want to release everything as soon as possible. Some development tasks might have delays, and some might get done earlier due to the possibility of changed priorities, which is entirely normal in the crypto market.


  • Meda Wars Demo
  • Cross Game Partnerships
  • Staking platform updates
  • Meda Shooter updates & balances
  • NFT swords release
  • Loot Boxes through Altura
  • Claiming the Land position
  • Meda Wars launch


  • Meda Wars updates
  • Meda Wars Empire mode launch
  • Meda Wars marketing acquisition campaign
  • New Exchange listings
  • Staking platform final update
  • Governance — community voting
  • Mini-Games Development
  • Cross-Game Partnerships
  • Cryptomeda Loot Boxes


  • MedaVerse development
  • Cross Game Partnerships
  • New mini Games launch — Meda Runner
  • New Exchange listings

Citius Altius Fortius — Faster Higher Stronger

We will touch on a few development updates and releases, especially the new information. First, expect detailed information in the forthcoming articles. The entire crypto market fell during the past few months. This situation hasn’t stopped us, and we have continued our development. We have successfully launched the Meda Wars demo, updated the staking platform, and released updates and balances for Meda Shooter with the NFT implementation. We don’t need to mention that we continue to release new NFT Heroes that are continuing to be released in our staking platform. In addition, we have confirmed cross-game partnerships in highly anticipated projects with CryptoBlades, Age of Tanks, and Darwinia, which are very important for the usability of Cryptomeda NFTs and we continue to search for these partnerships. Besides that, we have managed to join forces with a number of outstanding projects to expand the Cryptomeda ecosystem, namely: Polygon Studios, Altura, NFTrade, Fight Legends, PlayZap, Acknoledger, 9lives, Spintop, and Babylons.

Weapons Are Part of My Religion

Weapons are an essential element of our gaming platform; therefore, we worked hard for months to create an excellent smart contract for which we are very proud. The contract is not only excellent for our use but is prepared for cross-game use outside the Cryptomeda ecosystem while we implement features; crafting, merging, and burning attributes are randomly generated and upgradable, or even on-chain additions of new attributes for every partnered game if needed.

The weapon contract is already deployed and implemented in Meda Shooter, which was the testing phase for implementing weapons into our main game — Meda Wars. NFT guns were released first, and now it’s time for NFT Swords, which are ready to be released. Expect to try them out in the Meda Shooter game with the next update on May 16, together with the sale on Cryptomeda’s marketplace and verified on NFTrade. Prepare for a whole new dimension of Meda Shooter covered by new influencers.

Cross-game — Reaching Farther

NFT hero implementation in Darwinia’s game, Evolution Land, is the next step in the cross-game utilization for Cryptomeda NFT heroes. We have already created three cross-game NFTs for Polygon Studios, CryptoBlades, and Age of Tanks. Additionally, we will continue to grow cross-game usage of all Cryptomeda NFTs, which will increase its value over time.

Governance — Stronger Together

We are working on a very important update in the staking platform, which will be connected to players’ accounts having a staking tier system together with voting power, bringing governance to the platform. Our members will be able to vote on changes or updates within the Cryptomeda ecosystem.

Meda Wars — Let’s Get Meda!

The end of June will be the most important time due to the long-waited Meda Wars game launch. Prepare to utilize TECH tokens, NFTs, and your strategies. Game updates and balances will be coming regularly.

We start Q3 with a new member acquisition for Meda Wars. Don’t forget to join the discord to learn more about the game and help us with feedback, bug fixing, and balance through voting. The first version of the Empire mode is estimated to be launched in Q3; we have plans to utilize NFT lands in Meda Shooter as well as in future Cryptomeda games. The Meda Wars game will be spectacularly shaped by community cooperation.

Meda Shooter — We Rise

Meda Shooter will also have many updates such as PvP matches, an upgraded tournament concept, different gaming benefits gained from four staking pools, many new weapons — all usable in Meda Wars — and much higher rewards. But, of course, we’ll also be implementing an even better graphic appearance.

Cryptomeda Expansion — Venimus Vidimus Vicimus

An expected increased trading volume will allow us to list the TECH token in new exchanges, which will expand the world of Cryptomeda even further. We will also continue to look for many new cross-game partnerships to increase the utilization of all Cryptomeda NFTs. We will expand the gaming platform with new mini-games and connect with gamers outside the Cryptomeda platform due to the cross-game features of our NFTs.

MedaVerse — Onwards and Upwards

Our vision for the year 2022 is to have the Cryptomeda ecosystem utilized, upgraded, and expanded. This will be the point where we can start developing the MedaVerse, which is the VR/AR version of the Cryptomeda ecosystem. We plan to add many new options and features for users, such as VR games, casino games, land exploration, or even community interaction with each other using NFTs and TECH tokens. The future looks bright, and we are very excited about the platform we are building. We have many new ideas we would like to implement in the future, but we need to go step by step while we intend to revolutionize the NFT gaming sector. Stay strong, Meda Heroes.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a complete NFT ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the NFT gaming sector with cross-game NFTs connected to the enriching DeFi mechanics, traded on its marketplace, and utilized in its own and other gaming platforms. All economic activity is facilitated by one unified token — TECH tokens, which enable trade, commerce, and Gamefi within the platform.
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