Hey Meda Heroes! ⚔️

Here is the Compensation Strategy & Rules:

- We will compensate everybody who bought TECH tokens on Uniswap or Quickswap before the dump (price $0.3 or above) — as these members were most affected.

- There has been allocated 1,532,274.4TECH from founders’ tokens to create daily vesting for 157 wallets with the following parameters:

🔧 network: Polygon

start date: September 19

vesting duration: 3 months

⚖️ we compensate 50% of the loss

- Additionally, each member will receive an exclusive NFT item that will be available on October 19.

- Members who filled out the form before September 11 at 10 PM UTC are eligible for the compensation.

Congratulations 💎💎💎




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