How does Combat work in the Medawars?

Dear All,

Let me introduce our second part over a detailed overview of Medawars, focused on Combat.

Our priority is to make the most important aspect of our game engaging, fun, and challenging. Let’s take a look at the combat system.

After you choose your territory mission, you will be transferred to a new screen, where your character and multiple enemies will face off against you.

As a general rule of each turn-based combat system, characters will take turns based on the Initiative stat and use abilities to spend Action Points, which are refreshed on the new turn.


  • The player will have 3 sets of abilities.
  • Personal: which are baseline abilities
  • Melee Weapon abilities
  • Ranged Weapon abilities
  • Each ability will have Action points to spend and cooldown


  • Each player will play with two kinds of weapons. Melee and Ranged. Melee can damage only within the melee range. the ranged weapon can damage all enemies but will deal less damage to melee row.
  • Each Weapon will have different sets of abilities which will be rolled at random when looted. You may change the specific ability for currency if required.
  • Abilities will have a rarity system, so you will have a chance to roll even an Epic ability.
  • Weapons are switchable via button while in combat, so you can combine melee and ranged abilities.


  • Enemies will have their own sets of abilities, which need to be discovered first, after the enemy used the ability it will appear on his information panel. The game will have multiple kinds of enemies in order to have combat fun and reward after multiple battles.
  • Enemies will vary between tanks, warriors, rangers, rogues, mages, supports, healers, mini-bosses, and bosses archetypes. There will be various symbols above the enemy portrait for you to figure out what ability is going to be used. This information is critical for you to know, which enemy needs to be focused on and which one needs to be stunned for example.

After a successful or lost battle, you will have a reward screen, which we will take a look at next.

See you in the Cryptomeda!

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