Meda Shooter

2 min readDec 17, 2021


“Finally, something new, even if these are uncontested territories. “: said, Hero. It’s been months since I was doing recon missions for Meda Energy. I hope things go smoothly, and we will not get ambushed. These lands are dangerous a full of surprises. Just find the source and report it to the headquarters; that’s all, nothing else. “Movement on the six!”: screamed soldier, and right after that, his guts splashed the rocks. “Who are the..”: another one dropped dead. “Heavy fire from eight and nine o’clock! We are surrounded!”

I, I survived… It’s only me left — no one else. I need to report this… This is not normal… They, they were from the Swarm! I need to get back and report it!

About Meda Shooter

The latest mini-game from Cryptomeda Universe is an infinite side scroller game where you play as a Hero fighting the horde of swarm enemies. The player can move Hero by pressing arrows UP and DOWN to dodge the enemy bullets. By pressing SPACE, Hero will enable a shield for a short period, which will make him immune to all types of damage. Killing enemies have a chance to drop a token, which is used to gain special perks. These perks will help players become more vital as more tokens are collected. In upcoming versions of Meda shooter, you will make your Hero permanently stronger, like new weapons and perks. We will reward the best players with NFT items, $TECH tokens, and Meda Lootboxes.

Future of Meda Shooter

We plan to update the game periodically, as you can see in the roadmap. All the upcoming news will also be on our socials, so follow us and stay tuned for more information!


It will be part of a special Christmas Event! For more information, follow us on our socials! There are also some secrets to be unveiled, so watch closely everywhere what you can see.

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