Meda Wars Game Mode Breakdown: Where Adventure Meets Combat

7 min readJan 28, 2022

With the introduction of land, we invite players to unlock an entirely new gameplay mode for adventure (empire). This will accompany the multiplayer combat mode Meda wars is already known for, only adding a level of gameplay involving the ability to mine resources, build and upgrade structures.

To help guide you through the wheres, whens, and hows of when this type of gameplay becomes applicable, we’ll answer some of the most pressing questions about what this addition means for you as you begin preparing for an oncoming battle.

When Will I Use Empire Mode?

As any battle would prove, significant efforts are put into play before going head to head on the battlefield. In part, this preparation can be done in empire mode, where players can build, expand and upgrade their base while also gathering resources and crafting weapons that will give players an edge in battles.

How Do Different Lands Compare?

Becoming a powerful emperor starts with utilizing one’s economic opportunities. Each land a user purchases can produce at least one resource that a Cryptomeda character can mine. Once mined, these resources can then be put into play for building structures on the land itself, used to craft weapons, or in an advantageous trade.

Lands, which will exist as NFTs, vary in rarity and the number of resources they can produce. There are three different rarities when it comes to land, which differ from each other by the number of plots (hexagons), resource production, building options, and visibility.

For reference, the breakdown will look something like this:

Common (75%) — own 1 plot + 6 plots visibility, 100% resource production

Rare (20%) — own 3 plots + 9 plots visibility, 125% resource production

Legendary (5%) — own 7 plots + 12 plots visibility, 150% resource production

On this scale, the rarest is Genesis, which enables users to earn profit from neutral structures, cross-game partnerships, and marketplace fees.

What Kind of Resources Can My Land-Plot Produce?

When we say “mine resources,” what do we really mean? Each land plot will continuously produce Chronos, Cryptonium, or Unitech, although amounts will vary depending on the land plot. For example, sand regions have become known for their high concentration of Chronos, whereas volcanic regions typically have high concentrations of Unitech. This isn’t to say that the other resources can’t be found in a given plot.

However, worth keeping in mind is that upgrading lands, structures, weapons or one’s own abilities will also require a fourth valuable resource known as Meda gas.

How Do Structures Fit Into Meda Wars Gameplay?

Landowners have the option to build structures with the same utilities as some of their characters (as noted on collectible cards). For example, users can build a radar to get details about the economy in the game. Alternatively, they can use a collectible card [LINK] to reveal the same details for free. We believe that with this concept, we can continue to enhance demand for Cryptomeda characters, structures, lands, and the surrounding reward system.

What Structures Will I Come Across in Gameplay?

Structures come in great variety, opening the door to several new opportunities for players. The breakdown can be shared as follows:

Vault: Vaults exist as a default structure on every plot of land. The vault then becomes a place where users can store a certain amount of resources. It’s also a safe place for collected Cryptomeda characters, a connecting point to the marketplace, and a place to engage with collected NFTs through VR.

Neutral Structures: Naturally, we couldn’t forget about the usability of $TECH tokens in Meda wars. For this reason, neutral structures will also exist throughout the map owned by Cryptomeda, giving players the option to use them in exchange for $TECH.

Mine: A basic structure that needs to be built on the land in order to start mining resources. Mines will produce resources based on the land location, rarity, and random algorithm. Each mine can have up to 1 worker assigned to the mine. Players have an option to mine resources from lands they don’t own for a fee paid to the landowner.

Pylon: Pylons are structures players can build if they can create liquidity and start farming LP tokens (6-month lock). Once built, these structures can generate Meda gas proportionate to the liquidity of LPs stored in the farming pool. Pylons can also power up to six surrounding plots around a land plot.

Portal: Portals exist as a structure to enable quick traveling in the Meda world. Although portals come at a cost, they are often safer and more efficient than the free option.

Craft House: Craft houses exist as locations where players can craft and upgrade weapons that they will later use in battle mode or sold on the marketplace. That said, creating weapons will also come at a small price.

Silo: Players can gather resources in a silo to avoid items being wiped out by worms or swarm raids. As players progress through Meda wars, they may also upgrade their silos to store additional resources and collect fees from their fellow players.

Obelisk: Some lands will contain treasure; however, the only way of knowing this is through the Obelisk. With this structure, players can pinpoint the location of these items. Other uses come down to decoding receipts for legendary weapons that can later be crafted.

Sanctuary: As one of the more expensive structures, sanctuaries become a place where players can host guilds, events, and tournaments. Although they require 15 building slots, they also provide significant benefits to players who need an advantage in beating powerful bosses in combat mode. Sanctuary owners also gain an earning opportunity by collecting fees for providing services to other players.

Radar: With Radar, players can see statistics about the economy, gain visibility around a land plot, and see the time of incoming attacks by their enemies.

Dorm: For additional rewards, players can store (and stake) their Cryptomeda characters for additional rewards by allowing them to be rented by other players. Rewards then become dispersed between the player, character owner, and dorm owner.

Defense Structures: Enemies (swarm raiders, worms) are always ready to attack the base, leaving the choice to decide whether players want to put unfarmed resources and built structures at risk or to protect the land by building a defense.

What Additional Utilities Come With My Cryptomeda Collectible Cards?

In addition to mining resources, each character will have several other utilities when in Empire mode, including:

Opening a Portal: Bridger, Polytron, Vitalik

30% Faster Mining: Farmer, Vitalik

Radar Utility: Link, John, Saylor

Obelisk Utility: Charles, Link, Crypto queen

Creating and Managing Clans: all Revolution cards

Crafting and Upgrading Weapons: John, Elon

Acting as a Defence Guard: Ash, Kroge, and all Revolution cards

Faster Builds and Upgrades: Elon, Charles, Farmer

Worm Manipulation: Zombie Chad, Crypto queen

As noted above, revolution cards have special utility in making these characters leaders on the battlefield. Therefore, revolution cards can manage a maximum of one clan, although a single clan may contain more than one revolution card.

Unlocking New Forms of Gameplay

Together, we believe that introducing adventure mode, basic structures, and utilities will only enhance the player experience and enable sustainable rewards long-term. It is our vision to create a huge sci-fi metaverse where players can enjoy numerous experiences from trading NFTs and earning rewards, all while helping to expand Cryptomeda, making this release an important one on our ongoing roadmap.

Players, we encourage you to mark your calendars with land sales estimated to begin starting in mid-late February.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a gaming ecosystem that blends one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles, DeFi mechanics, and crypto characters into an exciting sci-fi world. Players of all experience levels can explore Cryptomeda and find various opportunities to earn. Opportunities include finding rare collectibles, winning prize pools, receiving ranked rewards, or acquiring an ultra-rare Revolution card; traversing the world of Cryptomeda is both fun and highly rewarding. All economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency — TECH tokens, which would enable trade and commerce within the platform to tie the world together.

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