Meda Wars Landowners Automatically Participate In The Weekly Lottery For NFTs Worth $6000!

2 min readApr 1, 2022



$6,000 a week lottery in NFT Heroes, Lands, AND Weapons until the launch of Meda Wars in June!

All NFTs are usable in Cryptomeda games!


Starting April 6th and for THIRTEEN WEEKS!

That’s a total of $78,000 in NFTs! That’s right! $78,000!

You’ve Earned It!

We’re rewarding those who get — or got — lands before the game launches in June!

Land sale opens for 24 hours before the lottery, starting each Tuesday 1 PM UTC and closes the next day on Wednesday 1 PM UTC and these weekly lotteries go until the end of June. To keep things balanced, each wallet address can win only once per week.

Each land type (Common, Rare, and Legendary) will have a different number of tickets for the lottery participation:

  • Common Lands give 1 ticket each.
  • Rare Lands give 3 tickets each.
  • Legendary Lands give 10 tickets each.

The higher your land, the more tickets you have in the draw! 10 common lands will give 10 tickets but, for example, 10 rare lands will give 30 tickets, and 10 legendary lands will give 100 tickets! The more lottery tickets, the higher chance to win!

You don’t have to buy during the sale to be included in the lottery. Anybody holding lands during the draw is eligible. But the more Lands you own, the more chances you have to win!

You get everything you need to play Meda Wars with these weekly draws. Each week may have different reward structures. Here’s the breakdown of prize value for the first week:

  • 1 Legendary Land = $1490
  • 3 Rare Lands = (3x$490) $1470
  • 11 Common Lands = (11x$140) $1540
  • 10 Collectible Cards = (10x$150) $1500
    (we use 30,000 TECH for a collectible card as the floor price)

Total value of all prizes = $6000

How the lottery works:

  1. The sale closes each Wednesday at 1 PM UTC.
  2. Distribution of NFTs to the members that bought lands in the sale immediately after.
  3. Snapshot of the addresses that hold NFT lands after distribution at ~3 PM UTC.
  4. Mint lands for the lottery at ~5 PM UTC

There’s no need to do anything to take part in the lottery except hold lands in the wallet address during the snapshot and….BOOM! You can win!

If you don’t own the land already. Buy one before the lottery and participate in multiple rounds of the lottery until the end.