Play Meda Shooter and Win Juicy Rewards

4 min readMay 19, 2022

Fight Against Swarm Enemies

Transport yourself to Cryptomeda, the galaxy created by and made of the exotic substance known as Meda. Heroes rise and fall for the cause of the fractured society divided into two sides: Goliath and Renegade. Once they were brothers, but now sworn enemies. While these two sides fight for control of the Cryptomeda galaxy, another threat looms on the horizon. The mysteriously dark force known only as Swarm is rising, and now it’s your turn to take the role of hero and fight Swarm enemies in this endless side-scroller game known as Meda Shooter.

Equip Your NFT Heroes And Weapons

Take up your side’s mantle to fight against the rising Swarm that has vowed to dominate the galaxy and destroy both the Goliath and Renegade nations. Equip NFT heroes and weapons in Meda Shooter to permanently strengthen your character. Every NFT hero and weapon has randomly generated attributes in the range of 0–100, besides the Revolution card, which has the range of attributes 100–200. Attributes influence the stats of your character and thus make your character stronger. The better your NFTs are, the better your chance of ranking higher on the leaderboard.

How do abilities work?

Some abilities become available after the player completes different conditions. Shield ability is unlocked when the player stakes or farms TECH tokens. Farming gives you an additional perk at the start. Every Hero has one of these 3 faction abilities: The Chain Gun ability is available for the Goliath faction, Deep Wound is for the Renegade faction, and the Snap ability is usable by revolution cards and cross-game NFTs.

How about the gameplay?

After selecting a hero and a weapon, players can start the game. The gameplay features the hero character automatically moving and shooting its way through. Players can control the movement, which weapon, and abilities to use. There is a continuous wave of Swarm enemies that are moving toward the player. The player’s score is increased by killing enemies but decreased if the enemy gets past the player and survives. Many of these enemies drop a perk point when defeated. When the player has a certain amount of perk points, they are given the option to choose one of the three perks presented. Players can find usable ammo-limited guns while on their way, which are generally more powerful than the default rifle. Enemies also drop health stim-packs and armor that the player can collect to survive.


Movement = [Arrows] or [W,S,A,D]

Weapon ability = [right CTRL] or [E]

Faction ability = [right SHIFT] or [F]

Shield ability = [ENTER] or [Space]

Earn NFTs with Cryptomeda

Play Meda Shooter immediately without the help of NFTs. Or, use Cryptomeda NFTs to make your character more powerful and earn higher scores on the leaderboard. Acquire NFTs through the weekly lottery in the staking pools, by winning them in Meda Shooter tournaments, or by directly buying them from the marketplace! The top 50 players to place on the leaderboard are rewarded with NFTs every two weeks.

Token Information

TECH token is the native currency of the Cryptomeda ecosystem, which can be used for earning weekly rewards in the staking platform, buying Cryptomeda NFTs on the marketplace, and maximizing gaming benefits.

Updates, Balances, and Rewards

We decided to change the tournament structure a little due to the increased complexity of the game that came with new updates and implementations. So the qualification round will take one week, ending with streamed finals and one week of the balance round.

The qualification round will start on Saturday at 2 PM UTC and finish on Saturday at 2 PM UTC a week later. The top 12 players from the leaderboard will be streamed their final run on Discord as previously, at 4–6 PM UTC, where juicy prizes can be won. Besides that, the top 50 players will still win NFT weapons. Players placed in the final top 12 that don’t participate in the streamed finals will win only the NFT weapon.

Top 12 prize pool:

1) Revolution card

2) Hero + Legendary land

3) Hero + Rare land

4) Hero + Common land

5–8) Hero

9–12) Common land

We will add more rewards to the prize pool with the increased number of players playing Meda Shooter. In addition, we will be continuously improving the Meda Shooter game with increased utilization of NFTs, gaming benefits coming from the staking platform, and improved graphics to satisfy our community.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a complete NFT ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the NFT gaming sector with cross-game NFTs utilized in its own and other gaming platforms, connected to the enriching staking platform, and traded on its marketplace. All economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency — TECH tokens, which enable trade, commerce, and Gamefi within the platform.




We aim to create a fantasy NFT ecosystem - a new kind of entertainment that opens the door for mass adoption.