Produce Interoperable NFTs Through Cryptomeda’s Staking Platform

The new year is coming, and we have prepared a better, simpler, and more convenient staking system. Stakers and farmers continue to receive $TECH rewards as usual, but additional bonuses won’t be through weekly lotteries anymore. Prepare for NFT production through Marks of Honor.

It’s simple, but let me explain the staking concept from scratch. The staking platform consists of 3 pools:

It’s very valuable to have tokens locked in the staking pools. Staked TECH tokens have a 2-month lock, pulling tokens out of the circulating supply and thus lowering the selling pressure. Farmers increase liquidity, which is very important for trading on QuickSwap.

We value all participants of the staking platform for securing the network; therefore, we prepared a production of Cryptomeda NFTs as additional rewards. The more you stake or farm, the more Marks of Honor (ERC20) you will receive weekly. You can spend Marks of Honor to open Loot Boxes consisting of Cryptomeda interoperable NFTs usable in all games listed on the platform.

We have updated the structure of Loot Boxes to satisfy the entire community.

Each Mark of Honor (MOH) is valued at $1, so you need 4 MOH to open the Starter box, 25 MOH for the Pro Box, and 60 MOH for the Collectible Box. This way, Stakers, and Farmers can calculate the production of Cryptomeda NFTs by opening the Loot Boxes. Here is the matrix explaining rewards through the staking system.

In order to receive the distribution occurring every Monday, Stakers, and ETH/TECH Farmers need to continuously stake at least the minimum amount of tokens required for MOH production during the previous week (Monday-Sunday). USDC/TECH farmers need to hold LP tokens in the wallet. The more you stake, the more MOH you will receive weekly (decimals included). So let’s explain MOH production with simple examples.

The final staking lottery will take place on the 2nd of January, 2023, including 2x more rewards. The first MOH distribution will occur on the 8th of January, 2023, so stake all your TECH tokens and add more liquidity to maximize your NFT production by opening Loot Boxes.

Stakers & ETH/TECH farmers staking lower than the MOH minimum still receive TECH rewards and in-game benefits as usual. In addition, Cryptomeda is preparing to enhance the gaming benefits and NFT usability in the coming weeks. The future is bright, Cryptomeda Heroes!



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