Territories and PVP aspects of Meda Wars — CONQUER MODE

2 min readJan 2, 2022


Please let me share the 1st part of the upcoming weekly heads-up of the MedaWars game. Each week we will release different articles focusing on the various mechanics in the game.

In this topic, we will be focusing on Territory. When you log in to your mobile device and start playing the game, you will be transferred to the main screen with World Map.

There will be many gray territories controlled by the Neutral Swarm faction. Each faction will be rushing the closest Neutral Territory. There will be a description of Neutral Creeps points and Faction Points. If you get a certain amount of points, your faction will win the Territory.

Each player will play Easy, Medium, or Hard missions.

This way, each of you will contribute to the common good of your faction. You can either Defend your Territory or Attack Enemy territory. Once the enemy territory is conquered, you will have to defend it for a certain amount of time. If successfully defended, you will get bonuses and lockdown for a certain amount of time before the Territory can be attacked again. If you fail, the enemy will take it back, and now they will need to defend it against you.

The further you are from your town and close to the middle, the more dangerous Swarm enemies and difficulty you will face for obtaining it, but of course, you will earn more Rewards.

Public Events

There will be ongoing Public events. For example, Storm will wipe out the Territory and create rare resources farmed. Boss will emerge, and the faction who will strike him down first will get unique rewards and much more!

Quest and Cycle

There will be a visible tracker of your daily and weekly quests. Each map will have cycles, and there will be short and long cycles. At the end of the process, the players and factions with the most points and scores can obtain unique rewards such as NFT cards. We will count it up for the contribution player made to help the faction score, quest completion, and event participation.

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