The Downfall of Sorcerer Sam — Cryptomeda Chronicles

2 min readNov 28, 2023

Within the mystical borders of Cryptomeda, a story unfurled of Sorcerer Sam, a young enchanter whose ambition was as untamed as his curly locks. Swiftly, he rose to eminence, amassing a wealth of 8 billion TECH tokens, becoming a legend whispered in the corridors of the crypto citadels.

His domain, the illustrious Spire of FTX, towered over the realm, a symbol of opulence and the seemingly unshakeable might of his treasury. But beneath the gilded surface, a sinister truth brewed. Accusations thundered across the land — Sorcerer Sam had, they claimed, siphoned the very tokens entrusted to him by the people, engaging in reckless enchantments, lavish estate expansions, and ambitious political machinations.

His sorcery knew no bounds as he manipulated the very essence of the market, keeping the value of TECH tokens suppressed, bending the economic fates to his will. Yet, in his quest for dominion, he miscalculated, setting off a cataclysm that saw his Spire — and fortune — turn to dust.

In the wake of disaster, the once-lauded visionary now faced the iron judgment of the Cryptomeda Council. For his market meddling and the misfortunes he wrought upon the land, he was condemned to a century’s solitude behind enchanted bars.

As the tale of Sorcerer Sam’s rise and fall spread, the inhabitants of Cryptomeda eyed their tokens with caution. The Chronicle serves as a stark reminder that even those draped in riches and power are not immune to the ancient laws of karma and consequence. The saga continues, a testament to the volatile dance of fortune and the perilous allure of the market’s dark magic.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a web3 gaming platform that offers competitive games, interoperable NFTs, and the platform’s currency $TECH, powered by the Polygon network. Cryptomeda heroes represent iconic characters from the crypto space transformed into the fantasy story.




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