The Latest News From The Cryptomeda Universe

3 min readSep 13, 2022

Hey Meda Heroes! We have been silent lately, but don’t worry; we are working on Meda Wars, Meda Shooter, the reward system, and preparing the marketing strategy. So, let’s jump into the content.

Meda Wars Update

As you already know, Meda Wars got highly enhanced recently. These improvements were added to the game: fog of war, the system of conquering territories, bug fixes, and game balance. We will continue implementing new features, balancing the game, and extending the gaming experience. The next stop is the Google play official listing, the reward system enhancement, and the marketing boost.

Meda Wars Official Listings

The Google Play store approves Meda Wars, and we are working on getting listed there ASAP to make the registration more accessible. We need to implement minor adjustments in the app, and then we will announce the first official Meda Wars season with TECH tokens included in the reward system. Listing on the Apple store is also in the process.

Marketing Follow UP

The next step will be marketing. Yes, it’s still a bear market, but it doesn’t hold us back. So we are preparing a marketing push to get many new players to Meda Wars, increase demand for TECH and NFTs, find new cooperations, and boost Cryptomeda in every way. We have plenty of partners interested in cooperating with us regarding Meda Wars. It is an excellent way of promoting with minimal costs. Moreover, Cryptomeda will be at the most prestigious crypto conferences, having a physical space, professional promoters, a new cross-game NFT hero, and giveaways during the events.

Meda Shooter Update

The team has been working on a significant upgrade that will be implemented into Meda Shooter, together with an extensive marketing campaign created by our partner, Unstoppable Domain. Expect renewed reward system, clean user interface, additional in-game boosts, and game balance.

Cryptomeda Heroes Assemble!

Besides the new cross-game hero mentioned above, the last hero completing the 4th collection is coming to the Cryptomeda universe. Prepare to merge the entire collection to mint the new Revolution card. As usual, only 20 pieces will be available to be minted. All 200 Sam NFTs have already been distributed through the USDC/TECH pool; therefore, we sent NFT Meda Heroes to the winners of all three staking pools last Monday. We are also preparing significant changes in the reward system of the staking platform, so stay tuned for more information.

The Reward System Enhancements

The Cryptomeda ecosystem is growing, so it is time to refresh the reward system. However, it needs to be simple and motivating at the same time. Players and stakers will earn TECH tokens, NFTs, and keys to open loot boxes. The more you play/stake, the more rewards you earn. The reward system will be fully explained in the upcoming article.

That’s all for now… Cryptomeda Heroes Assemble!

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda aims to revolutionize the gaming sector with upgradable and interoperable NFTs utilized in all Cryptomeda games. All economic activity is facilitated by TECH tokens, which enable trade, commerce, and Gamefi within the platform.




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