The Meda Wars Land Sales IS GOING LIVE on Cryptomeda marketplace with one time only special prices

The long awaited Meda Wars Land Sales is here! Take advantage of one time only early bird prices. For the next 48 hours, you can buy Meda Wars lands at a 50% discount for all rarity levels. Early landowners will get a chance to get ADDITIONAL lands, characters, and weapons in a weekly lottery draw starting on April 4, running until the Meda Wars launch in June 2022.


The sale will be live on the Cryptomeda marketplace


  • 50% discount March 17, 6 PM UTC — March 19, 6 PM UTC
  • 30% discount March 21, 4:20 PM UTC — March 28, 6 PM UTC

How to buy Lands on the Cryptomeda marketplace

  • $TECH token only
  • Polygon network ($Matic needed for transactions)
  • Buy $TECH on MEXC, Quickswap, Uniswap


  • The prices of lands are automatically recalculated every hour based on the actual price of TECH to match the 50% discount worth of USD value.
  • Common — 70 USD (March 17–19), 100 USD (March 21–28)
  • Rare — 245 USD (March 17–19), 340 USD (March 21–28)
  • Legendary — 745 USD (March 17–19), 1040 USD (March 21–28)


Why become an early landowner

  • A weekly lottery for early landowners will start on April 4 until the launch of Meda Wars in June. We will be airdropping NFTs: lands, characters, and weapons
  • After March 28th, the land sale on our marketplace will close. More lands will be available for purchase from our partners at the full price.
  • The reopening of land sales on our marketplace is not currently determined after this special event.


  • Cryptomeda Social Media Channels and Email Campaign
  • article and newsletter
  • Advertising and Social Media
  • Seedify
  • Online Banner Ads (​​Etherscan, Polygonscan,, Dextools, Coingecko)
  • Multiple Cryptomeda Partners

How the earnings will be used:

  • 30% p2e reward system
  • 30% Meda Wars marketing
  • 30% Cryptomeda treasury
  • 10% burn

About Lands

Becoming a powerful emperor starts with utilizing one’s economic opportunities

Each land a user purchases can produce at least one resource that a Cryptomeda character can mine. Once mined, these resources can then be put into play for building structures on the land itself, used to craft weapons, or in an advantageous trade. Lands, which will exist as NFTs, vary in rarity and the number of resources they can produce. There are three different rarities when it comes to land, which differ from each other by the number of plots (hexagons), resource production, building options, and visibility. For reference, the breakdown will look something like this:

  • Common (75%) — own 1 plot + 6 plots visibility, 100% resource production
  • Rare (20%) — own 3 plots + 9 plots visibility, 125% resource production
  • Legendary (5%) — own 7 plots + 12 plots visibility, 150% resource production

What Kind of Resources Can My Land-Plot Produce?

Each land plot will continuously produce Chronos, Cryptonium, or Unitech, although amounts will vary depending on the land plot. For example, sand regions have become known for their high concentration of Chronos, whereas volcanic regions typically have high concentrations of Unitech. This isn’t to say that the other resources can’t be found in a given plot. However, something worth keeping in mind is that upgrading lands, structures, weapons or one’s own abilities will also require a fourth valuable resource known as Meda gas.

About Meda Wars
MedaWars is an upcoming Cryptomeda “main game”. It’s a Play2earn turn-based strategy mobile game. The game is set in a sci-fi world where once a single nation is split by internal conflict. Goliath is a faction of order and strict laws. Renegade is a faction that doesn’t solve issues with petty politics, but strength. It’s up to you, who you choose. The game has 2 modes: Conquer mode is a mode in which you find PVE combat gameplay where you can conquer Territories, join monthly faction battles and climb up the leaderboard of best players. In Empire mode you can utilize lands, mine resources, build structures, craft weapons and cooperate with other players.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a gaming ecosystem that blends one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles, DeFi mechanics, and crypto characters into an exciting sci-fi world. Players of all experience levels can explore Cryptomeda and find various opportunities to earn. Opportunities include finding rare collectibles, winning prize pools, receiving ranked rewards, or acquiring an ultra-rare Revolution card; traversing the world of Cryptomeda is both fun and highly rewarding. All economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency — TECH tokens, which enable trade and commerce within the platform to tie the world together.

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