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7 min readJun 24, 2022

We are greatly excited to bring you the latest information and updates concerning Cryptomeda’s flagship game, Meda Wars. Without further ado, let’s dive into the newest information about the Meda Wars game. Let’s begin with the 3D trailer!

What Is Meda Wars?

This may be your first introduction to Meda Wars so let us explain it a bit. Meda Wars is a science-fiction turn-based strategy game for mobile devices. All of this takes place in a galaxy called Cryptomeda. Meda Wars arose from a concept inspired by different strategy games along with MMORPGs and brings all those aspects into one complete game with the added element of NFTs, among other things.

Our goal is to revolutionize the NFT gaming market through an exciting, engaging mobile game which incorporates interesting NFTs, an in-game currency without the use of Metamask, and a sustainable reward system on top. We have already established a very low entry barrier to enter even for non-crypto players.

To keep things simple — Meda Wars will be a great game because of its fun and engaging game design. The NFTs and everything crypto-related are “just a cherry on top”. We believe this is the best approach for the mass adoption of Meda Wars.

Conquering the Meda Map

At the heart of Meda Wars is the Conquer Mode, where players defeat their enemies to conquer territories on the map through PvE (Player vs Environment) combat battles, pitting forces from the Renegade Nation, Goliath Nation, and Swarm Entity against each other.

Players choose between joining Renegade or Goliath (Swarm is an unplayable side) and winning battles and conquering on behalf of their nation.

By winning PvE combat, players earn resources that can then be used for crafting NFT weapons, re-rolling abilities, weapon upgrades, or even building structures in the later stages of Meda Wars. Meda Heroes are able to equip themselves with ranged and melee weapons that have unique abilities and initiatives that will create a character that is distinct from others in the game. Upon defeating the enemy through combat, fulfilling quests, or leaderboard placements, players will be rewarded with Meda Gas, an in-game currency used for all activities in Meda Wars. Meda Gas can be additionally bought with TECH tokens or FIAT by a credit card. With this solution, players don’t need to use Metamask in order to buy Meda Gas.

At the end of the month, the winning faction will earn faction rewards which will motivate players to conquer as many territories as possible. The best of these players will be rewarded through their positions on a player leaderboard. Along with monthly rewards, there will be daily and weekly quests to motivate players to earn even more. On top of that, crafted weapons can be sold on the marketplace to get additional income.

Play-And-Earn Reward System — An Added Element

We have focused greatly on the gaming components of Meda Wars to ensure that our vision is realized of creating a fun and compelling game where the rewards are just a special bonus. Unlike many other games that use a play-to-earn system which have collapsed during the latest bear market, Cryptomeda has invested its time in all aspects of Meda Wars to guarantee it is not a standard game where the singular goal is to earn tokens or rewards. Meda Wars offers a full gaming experience on its own before the added concept of NFTs and tokens. Due to Cryptomeda’s attention to this all-around complete concept, players will be active in either a bull or bear market. How the play-to-earn system works is described in the next section.

Rewards — Hard Work Pays Off

Rewards are a vital element in any gaming experience. Without rewards, players can lose motivation to continue gaming. While being fun and purely entertaining is great motivation to play a game, rewards are an added bonus for those who like to grind or love a challenge.

Our primary objective is for our players to enjoy the game, but there are also rewards that can be earned in Meda Wars, such as in-game resources, NFTs, TECH tokens, and USDC. In-game resources will have a number of uses like crafting, upgrading, disenchanting, merging weapons, building structures in Empire mode, and more.

NFTs will be crucial for playing Meda Wars for the in-game advantages that they afford the player to improve their chances of success and gaming experience. NFTs can be acquired in a number of ways, giving all players an opportunity to use them in-game. In order to boost a player’s position in-game, a pack of 3 NFTs will be needed. They consist of a hero, a gun (ranged weapon), and a sword (melee weapon). The better the NFTs used, the stronger their use in Meda Wars. As NFTs are a huge part of the game and attainable through gameplay, the focus here is the use of NFTs as what would be considered an ‘enhancement’ in other games. Whereas some games supply enhancements through in-game reward cards that are only usable in that particular game, Meda Wars uses NFTs in the same way with the added function of cross-game use, sale, and tradeability.

Weapons can be upgraded and made more powerful by playing and then sold later on the market, giving players of all levels the opportunity to experience the full breadth of Meda Wars gameplay. The more players that play Meda Wars, the higher the value of NFTs which will in turn ensure trading NFTs on the market.

New features, gaming modes, and skins for all Cryptomeda NFTs are planned for the future. As the popularity of Meda Wars increases, the use, value, and trading volume of NFTs are expected to rise, as well. Increasing NFT utility within or outside of the Cryptomeda ecosystem is one of our primary objectives. Along with NFT rewards, part of the reward system will be in-game resources, NFTs, TECH tokens, and even USDC to expand the potential to earn by playing Meda Wars.

Through the establishment of clans and guilds — an important element in online, multi-player gaming — more options to earn in Meda Wars will be possible. Players can receive rewards through their clan/guild and by participating in events. Raids against bosses, looking for secret treasures on the map, or even staking valuable NFTs to share income between stakers and players, are some of the ways in which players can earn.

Map to the Future — Our Roadmap

After the launch of Meda Wars, the Cryptomeda team will continue to update and balance the game together with community cooperation through voting and feedback on Discord. We see Meda Wars becoming a premier game on the NFT market and in general.

Conquer mode will be a priority with updates on a regular basis. Following that, the next step will be PvP tournaments with different structures bringing more options for earning rewards. Competitive players will be looking to measure their skill and strength against other players.

In Empire mode, NFT lands will be fully utilized to maximize benefits in Meda Wars by building an empire. Landowners will be getting resource production, NFT airdrops, and even finding secret treasures. Additional earning possibilities will include NFT staking, having ads on the land, earning through clans, and much more.

We already have an eye on the future where Meda Wars will be a part of our huge fantasy metaverse, known as MedaVerse. Players will be able to experience the Meda world in ‘real life’ through VR, check all their NFTs, interact with other players, view the marketplace, and get access to all VR features of Meda Wars to fully explore the MedaVerse.

Release Info

A lot of things have been happening in the crypto world in the past month. As all of you can see, it looks like the wild wild west out there. As a team, we at Cryptomeda have to reflect on the reality of the market. We’ll share more information about the Meda Wars release in the upcoming days.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a complete NFT ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the NFT gaming sector with cross-game NFTs connected to the enriching DeFi mechanics, traded on its marketplace, and utilized in its own and other gaming platforms. All economic activity is facilitated by one unified token — TECH tokens, which enable trade, commerce, and Gamefi within the platform.

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