Unlock Your Adventurous Side with Upcoming NFT Land Sale, Cross-Game Assets, and Utility Updates

In maximizing the utilities for our NFT collection, we realize just how little we have scratched the surface of the MedaWars gameplay. As a result, our team hit the ground running as we entered 2022, kicking off the year with several exciting updates, as noted on our official roadmap. Below, we share an overview of what users can expect with the upcoming land release, the opportunities that come along with cross-game NFTs, and some of the latest updates in collectible card utility.

Finding a Place to Land

MedaWars is designed as a multiplayer game that leverages combat mode; however, this is only one of the types of gameplay that a player may choose to engage in. Unlocking one’s more adventurous side, our team has been excitedly preparing for our upcoming land sale. In adventure mode, players will be given a chance to mine resources, build structures and upgrade their creations along the way. For perspective, we often liken this form of gameplay to a combination of command and conquer, dune, starcraft, and heroes of might and magic.

Although owning land is not a must, it will unlock a series of new features and earning opportunities that will only elevate the Cryptomeda experience. Among them include the option to retrieve resources from a player’s land, which can be used to build and upgrade structures in your base, or craft weapons for use in MedaWars and any of our other games. Weapons will be tradable on the Cryptomeda marketplace for $TECH. In contrast, players who do not own land will be required to pay fees to the landowner, although they can still utilize NFTs and explore the MedaWorld.

The sale, which will occur in early February (date still to be determined), will involve the sale of 10800 land plots. Interested parties can purchase tickets, each of which will represent the lands available in gameplay with details on the rarity (varying from Common to Genesis), plot size (1,3 or 7), and type (desert, arctic, volcano, or forest). After this sale, any lands that have not been sold will be made available through mystery boxes on the Cryptomeda marketplace. Although these lands will be offered at the same price, appointing users to their plots will be subject to the randomizer.

Players will also come across several structures across the MedaWorld that not only add to the fun gameplay but enable many additional utilities. Here are a few for reference:

Portal: A structure that enables quick travel from the Meta world

Craft house: a location where players can produce and upgrade weapons.

Silo: A location for users to store resources.

Obelisk: The place for users to find secret locations and decode receipts.

Sanctuary: For players to manage and create guilds, events, and tournaments.

Radar: Where players can see statistics about the economy.

Bridging New Worlds

For us, it became clear that alongside the growth of the NFT market was a clear need for multi-chain integration through cross-game technology. As a result, cross-game cards will be available to use across all Cryptomeda games and associated partners. These NFTs will offer many similarities to the rest of the collections, except that they won’t be eligible to merge into a revolution card.

We continue to look to partners for ideas on new art and NFTs to make available in the marketplace. These cross-game NFTs will leverage our new smart contract to store associated attributes. For this reason, attributes can only be updated on the partner’s platform in the backend to ensure upgrades won’t alter the smart contract or Cryptomeda platform. Our hardworking development team will then mint all NFTs on the Polygon network within 24 hours after the sale is complete.

Breathing Utility into Collectible Cards

Alongside cross-game functionality, our team has been hard at work implementing additional utility across all our Collectible cards. This means that each card will hold a number of special abilities, with characters gaining use in both battle mode and adventure mode. In battle mode, this means that additional attributes can be leveraged to enhance the quality of life to improve reward opportunities. On the side of adventure mode, players can use existing character cards on their own land or stake them, to earn income. Other players may then choose to rent these characters to help them mine resources, defend their land against enemies, decrease the building time of new items, open a portal for fast traveling, manage guilds or take advantage of worm manipulation.

One thing we will call to attention about these collectible cards is that each belongs to a collection of 4. Once collected, the 4 cards are burned in the creation of the revolution card, up to a total of 20 for each collection. We will also be distributing 40 of these collectible cards to lottery winners each week, 20 through staking and 20 through farming.

Together, we believe that these releases will ensure Cryptomeda continues to provide something for everyone, whether that is earning rewards through affordable land NFTs, opportunities to carry assets over bridged worlds, or entering Meda Wars with new weapon utility.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is a gaming ecosystem that uniquely blends NFT collectibles, DEFI mechanics, and iconic crypto characters into an exciting fantasy world. Players of all experience levels can explore Cryptomeda and find various opportunities to earn; whether it is finding rare collectibles, winning prize pools, receiving community rewards, or acquiring an ultra-rare Revolution card, traversing the world of Cryptomeda is both fun and highly rewarding. To tie the world together, all economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency — TECH.

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