What is Scavenger Hunt, and how to participate?

The Scavenger Hunt is an Internet puzzle with a prize (100k $TECH) for the first one to solve it. It would help if you knew something about the technical side of the problems, but of course, you can use the Internet or solve it with friends. The only thing that matters is speed when solving the riddles, tasks, and many other things, which you will see as the Hunt will be running.

All you need to participate in a scavenger hunt is to follow our socials and everything else is on you. We will post a new hint about one of twelve words that make the password to Metamask wallet approximately every two days. When all the tips are available, you will end up with in mixed order. Our admin will slowly drop the correct order of the words to our socials (which will also be encrypted). Some hints will contain their proper order so that you can try the password much sooner. There are a minimum of 479,001,600 ways to guess the password without any clues. Good luck!

It has been a while since we did something big like this Scavenger Hunt. This challenge will test your deductive skills and help you improve your engagement in the community. We would love to give back to this fantastic community, and that’s why we chose the Scavenger Hunt. It is something new, and we hope you will like it. Stay tuned for more mini-games in the future.

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