What is Upon the Horizon for Cryptomeda: Trailblazing for DeGames of the Future

We at Cryptomeda are amongst the emerging powerhouses leveraging blockchain technology to redefine the future of the gaming industry. With thousands of people already making their way into the gaming world, there is a call for gaming platforms to brandish a superior infrastructure to cushion the inflow that is inbound. As a protocol leveraging the power of both Ethereum and the Polygon Network, Cryptomeda is positioned to thrive in the long term as it will provide this scalable infrastructure.

Overall Vision

The key offshoots of blockchain technology, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystems have witnessed increased growth in the past year. In particular, the latter niche has grown immensely, with the transactions in the NFT metaverse tripling in the year-to-date period.

With the gaming world begging for a change, Cryptomeda has seen a huge opportunity to make a difference in this niche market. We have a lot in the works to help give gamers and NFT collectors the best of what blockchain can offer. Besides the design of a flagship Play-to-Earn game, the platform will nurture a robust ecosystem where every member can generate alternative income in a fun-filled and engaging manner.

Proposed Future Implementations

Cryptomeda aims at tackling the challenges inherent in its niche industry through the introduction of unique future protocol implementations including;

  • Staking,
  • Marketplace, and;
  • NFT Card Collections


One of the primary goals of the Cryptomeda protocol is to be able to maintain its ecosystem security and stability. This network feature is made possible by the staking program. Staking brings to life a functional model in which users deposit the platform’s native digital asset, the TECH token as collateral for the network performance and security.

Staking is a mutually beneficial venture for both the platform and the TECH token holders. For Cryptomeda, the utility of its digital asset will be boosted, while for the users, a reward is paid out in the form of TECH tokens. Additionally, stakers will be eligible to participate in draws in which NFT cards can be issued. Cryptomeda will also take its platform’s earning potential up a notch by permitting users to earn rewards from depositing TECH/ETH IN Uniswap liquidity pools.


The central idea about digital collectibles or NFT is for holders to be able to sell their lots. Amongst the fundamental solutions, the Cryptomeda platform is looking to introduce is the marketplace for its Non-Fungible Tokens particularly the Cryptomeda Cards.

The marketplace will uniquely permit the buying, selling, and storage of Cryptomeda Cards which are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Items listed on our marketplace will be fit for listing on other marketplaces, however, only cards or collectibles purchased on the marketplace will be 100% genuine.

The marketplace activities are a push to increase the utility of the TECH tokens which will be drawn on all transactions on the platform. Items transacted on the marketplace can be tracked on Block Explorer.

Cryptomeda Cards

These are central to the Cryptomeda platform as these cards come with a varying degree of rarity, and can be earned through many means including staking, and the completion of community quests.

The cards include the Collectible Cards, the Revolution Card, and the Influencer Cards respectively. All these cards are tradable and while the revolution cards introduce the elements of deflation into the card system, Influencer cards are super rare and have a higher valuation level.

These cards find uses in the proposed DeGame, a blockchain-based NFT game through which users can earn rewards for playing. The Cryptomeda NFT Game requires skills, strategies, and luck to dominate. The game will eventually be accessible through mobile devices and will serve as a utility for the TECH Tokens and NFT Cards. In-game purchases will be incorporated and the TECH tokens will be at the forefront of powering these purchases.


Our vision at Cryptomeda has resonated with investors, crypto, and gaming enthusiasts around the world, a reality that has pushed them in contributing to the growth of the protocol even in its early days. Our platform caters to the needs of NFT-backed gaming, an ecosystem that has been neglected by developers amidst the growing NFT Metaverse. We have built our platform to lower the barrier of entry for all, giving users a guaranteed option to interact with crypto and NFTs in a fun and profitable manner.



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