When Can You Expect The MedaWars Release

A lot of things have been happening in the crypto world in the past month. As all of you see, it looks like the wild wild west out there. As a team, we at Cryptomeda have to reflect on the reality of the market.

Because of this, we decided to release Meda Wars in 2 parts:

Meda Wars Community Release

We are going to launch the Community Release of Meda Wars as soon as possible. The expected release date is mid-late July. We will keep you informed through our social media.

The delay in the community release is not only due to the market conditions but to give you full support when the game is out. Our gaming team won’t be available for support in the coming weeks therefore the soft launch is delayed. We are not in a hurry, as we would rather make the game experience as good as possible and more pleasing to our players.

Community Release Information

What’s Included In The Community Release

In this first round of release, we are going to work closely with the community to balance the game and implement your ideas. With your help, we can take advantage of making the game as good as it can be. The game will be ready in full force for the official release. We’d love to hear your feedback to balance and upgrade the game mechanics. We love our community loyalty and we want you to be a part of Cryptomeda’s story.

How To Join The Community Release?

We are preparing the Meda Wars Registration Form. After registration, you’ll receive your login info to join Meda Wars. The registration form is open to everyone who is interested in Meda Wars.

Big Things Are Coming

In the meantime, we are working hard “behind the scenes” to connect with new partners and guilds to help us expand the Cryptomeda platform and Meda Wars marketing campaigns. Read more information about the Meda Wars game here.

About Cryptomeda

Cryptomeda is an NFT ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the NFT gaming sector with cross-game NFTs connected to gamified Defi mechanics, traded on its marketplace, and utilized in its own and other gaming platforms. All economic activity is facilitated by one unified token — TECH tokens, which enable trade, commerce, and Gamefi within the platform.

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