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Thank you for your continued support, Meda Warriors. Today we’re announcing the next big step in releasing the play2earn campaign for Cryptomeda’s Meda Shooter. In conjunction with our many partners, we are hosting a Meda Shooter streamed tournament, where the top 12 players from the week’s leaderboard will play off in the final round on Saturday, with the top 50 players receiving NFT card rewards. The winner will receive exclusive rewards — a Revolution card and a weapon. See the prize pool below for more details on prizes.

Prize pool:

  • 1st place: Revolution card + Legendary land + Weapon
  • 2nd place: NFT Hero + Rare land + Weapon
  • 3rd place: NFT Hero + Common land + Weapon
  • 4th-7th: NFT Hero + Weapon
  • 8th-12th place: Common land + Weapon
  • 13th-50th place: Weapon


Qualification (Leaderboard): April 25, 2 PM UTC — April 30, 2 PM UTC

Finals (Top 12): April 30, 4–6 PM UTC

The Cryptomeda team reserves the right to balance the game and tournament rules between rounds (before the next tournament qualification round).


During the week, players will compete in Cryptomeda’s Meda Shooter. The top 12 players of the week will play in the final on Saturday from 4–6 PM UTC. Players, and we at Cryptomeda, will stream the games for others to watch so that the community can see the benefits of their NFTs, learn strategy and tactics from top players, and give us feedback going forward.

Streaming will take place on Discord. Each player needs to inform the admins that they are going to stream the final round. Only one trial is allowed, and the score will be written in a top 12 final leaderboard.

Cryptomeda admins will check the live stream to ensure players don’t cheat and there are no bugs in the final round. If a bug occurs, the player needs to play the final game again. A player is disqualified if he cheats in any way.

The first week will give us a chance to hear your feedback on how you liked the tournament and how it might be improved. We listen to our community, and we will do our best to implement the best conditions for these tournaments to move forward smoothly.


DISCORD — Games will be streamed on our Discord, so don’t forget to join our channels. You also get access to all the latest news and info about the games and tournament rules by joining.

WEBSITE — If you are eager to play Meda Shooter, visit our website and connect your MetaMask wallet to get access to the game.

About Meda Shooter

MedaShooter is an infinite side scroller game where you play as a Hero fighting a horde of Swarm enemies. By killing enemies, they have a chance to drop perk points, which are used to gain in-game perks. These perks will help players become even stronger as more perks are earned. In the newest version of Meda Shooter, you will be able to use NFT Heroes and NFT weapons to make your Hero permanently stronger. We will reward the best players with valuable NFTs every two weeks.

Read more in a dedicated Meda Shooter article

MAIN PRIZE INFO — Revolution Cards

Revolution cards are the rarest and the most valuable NFTs in the Cryptomeda universe giving daily airdrops in $TECH to the owner. Only 60 pieces are currently in circulation. The next 20 will be possible to create after releasing all NFT Heroes from the 4th collection. Revolution cards are a significant aspect of the Cryptomeda universe and the number one prize for this tournament. Cryptomeda itself must buy Revolution cards from the open market to reward the best players of Meda Shooter. You can learn more about Revolution cards and how they work in our whitepaper.


Our goal is to provide quality entertainment and products to our players. We will continuously upgrade Meda Shooter to create one of the most enjoyable p2e games on the market. Players will have great fun and be able to win juicy prizes, as well! Future improvements will include skins for all NFT Heroes, melee weapons implementation, new weapons, bosses, animations, UX/UI updates, bug fixing, and game balance done in cooperation with our great community. Come and join the community and prepare yourselves for battle!

100x Weapon Giveaway

We want you to be ready for the tournament as best as possible. Join our Meda Shooter 100x Weapon Giveaway Contest. Be armed and prepared for the tournament. Winners will be announced Tuesday 28th on our social media channels.



Following this event premier, Meda Shooter tournaments will continue bi-weekly, with one week off between rounds to implement upgrades and balance the game. It is an excellent opportunity to win valuable NFTs for use in Meda Shooter, later in Meda Wars, and also in other games outside the Cryptomeda ecosystem! In late May, for example, our NFTs will be usable in Evolution Lands from Darwinia. So, come play and get your foot in the door in a BIG WAY. This event can jump-start your whole experience in the Cryptomeda universe. So, let’s play!

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